About Me


I am a storyteller.

I am a natural light photographer.

I specialize in creating lifestyle and contemporary portraits.

I am a lover and photographer of  food.


Formally trained as a lawyer, I left the corporate world of Banking and Wealth Management

after too many years of just dreaming of following my passion for Photography.

I can’t imagine what took me so long!


I geographically serve the New York Metropolitan Area and am also available for select travel.

I own a beautiful natural light, loft-style studio with a full kitchen located in Northern New Jersey, 18 miles from Manhattan.

The studio is available for sessions, rental to other photographers and select events .

(Click on the tab marked Studio to take a tour of the space and see some different events we’ve hosted there)


I am a storyteller.

I love photographing just about anything and everything.

 I’m especially inspired capturing REAL people in REAL settings just BEING THEMSELVES and enjoying the moment.

You will find that my portraits of children and adults  are all about creating a special connection, which is key to capturing the essence of my clients.

Though I have a fantastic studio, I often shoot on-location  to keep every session as unique as the people I photograph.

I am known for creating  uniquely stylized custom sessions for my clients.


  I have a true appreciation of the deeper connection that we have with food that transcends mere sustenance.

My love of the culture and beauty of food  came early on growing up in a family where life was centered around meals

and much of my teen and early adult life was spent in the family restaurant business.

Photographing food allows me to blend together my loves of connecting with people and appreciating food;

telling stories through my images of the moments that happen from the preparing through to the sharing stage.


My style is contemporary portrait; relaxed and easy.

I love the process of working with my clients both before, during and after the shoot

to create a truly customized, warm, fun, inviting experience allowing me to capture the essence of who they are.

Life is about our connections to one another and the way we relate and share ourselves.

I share through my photography and ability to put my clients at ease in knowing that they can truly trust me

to bring out their very best and to have a very special experience in the process.


My goal is to share the story by creating custom lasting art that reflects the unique,

undeniable personality and intrinsic beauty of each of my clients.

I am a storyteller.

Through my lens I will get to know you and capture moments in time that tell your story

creating an eternal, tangible reminder of  how beautiful YOU are and how precious every single day is.


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