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I received an inquiry email recently from a friend of a friend who follows me on Facebook.  He said he needed some headshots for a new website he’s working on, in addition to updated photos for social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)  Clearly he wasn’t looking forward to having his photo taken but it became necessary and he said that ‘if anyone could make him look good it was me.’ Of course I was flattered by the compliment though I’ve heard this sentiment of dread over and over again when people inquire regarding photos of themselves.

For many, having their photograph taken is often a painful/stressful experience.  That is never the experience I want my clients to walk into or away with when I am behind the lens.  I decided it was time to show clients just how much fun we can have taking Business Portraits by adding another layer to our photo shoots.

Though I offer a standard Business Portrait Package to those looking for a very specific handful of shots from the waist up; I recently added an additional option to the basic Business Portrait session.

The basic Business Portrait Package can now be upgraded to the Business to Lifestyle Portrait Session.  This hybrid session is a mix of both business appropriate images and lifestyle portraits often showcasing beauty (women), hobbies, activities, recreation or other facets of a client’s personality outside the office. This hybrid session does involve more time and planning than the basic session but the images that come from it are oh, so worth it.

With this particular client, our phone consultation revealed exactly what he was looking for and how he wanted to be photographed.  Our discussion uncovered that what he really wanted were some great business appropriate images that he can use interchangeably (he is an entertainment lawyer) AND photos of his real passion outside the office; his Harley. He is also a big fan of black and white photography so we decided to shoot the whole session that way.

We had so much fun during our shoot and the next day I received the most amazing thank you email from him:

“Just wanted to thank you for a great experience. I’ve always tended to avoid the camera, and I’ve never felt so comfortable being shot, or had such great results. For as long as I can remember, I’ve never liked having my picture taken. From my mom dragging me to Sears for the family portrait as a toddler, to the yearbook shots in high school, to my friend taking a picture [of me] on her cell phone last month, the session with you was the only time in memory that I ever enjoyed being the subject of a photo, and it shows: even the untouched sneak peeks were the best pictures of me I’ve seen to date. You really are a gifted photographer; not just from a technical standpoint but from a ‘bedside manner’ point of view as well. Very impressed.” -K.Z.

The photos are probably some of my favorite to date of any Business Portrait to Lifestyle Session I’ve done and knowing how he happy he is with the final images means everything to me.


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