Mad Men Inspired

It’s hard not to get caught staring at these two when you’re in their company.  To say they are both easy on the eyes is an understatement.  I remember a certain hot summer afternoon about 18 months ago smiling ear to ear listening to her describe him (her voice, giddy with excitement) and trying to brainstorm about what she should wear that evening for her second date with him.

They’ve been inseparable since Day One so hearing the news that they were engaged a few months ago was no surprise at all.  To see them together, the sparkle in her eye and the gentlemanly kindness and devotion with which he treats this raven haired beauty just makes me (and every other woman in the room) melt. They are perfect for one another.

When I got the call asking me to create a Mad Men Inspired Engagement Shoot for them to use for their upcoming wedding I jumped at the chance and couldn’t stop thinking about it.

This was a true collaborative work.  S and I brainstormed together and she was a dream client she knew exactly what she wanted and she trusted me to make it happen.  S had recently visited a vintage clothier and fell in love with some incredible vintage pieces.  She borrowed so many pieces: dresses, suiting, gloves, furs, hats, shoes, luggage trunks and yes, even the vintage cigarette holder you see  (c’mon we had to re-create it all!).  Everything S is wearing is true vintage and she pulled each look off flawlessly as I knew she world.  Though I loved each piece and the glamour and uniqueness it brought to our shoot; I must admit I got teary when I first saw that glorious pearl collar.  That stunning piece had true sentimental value, a treasure from her own grandmother’s jewelry collection handed down at her passing.  A memory from two generations ago immortalized in beautiful images creating a legacy for many generations to come.

It was so unexpectedly cold the day we shot this session.The wind whipped and I remembered that hot summer day listening to her talk about how she was falling for this guy and wasn’t sure what to wear.  Through my lens I watched them stroll down the street together, arm-in-arm, smiling…warming one another with just a look and it reminded me that love changes everything.

September 13, 2014 - 4:24 PM

Life with Kaishon - What a beautiful session! I love the clothing she found. Absolutely fabulous. Her hair and makeup is impeccable. You did an outstanding job. I wish them a very happy life.

September 13, 2014 - 5:39 PM

Wanda - Oh WOWZA!!!! What a dream shoot! Every image is spectacular….telling their story perfectly. They must be over the moon with these images!!!

September 13, 2014 - 9:32 PM

Cassie Wicks - Absolutely stunning! They are gorgeous and YOU are amazing!

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