Brooklyn BoHo | Izzy & Ivy Designs

When Shasta & Jana of Izzy & Ivy Designs in Utah contacted me to do a complete photographic spread of their latest Brooklyn BoHo patterns & tutorials, I was tickled pink.  I had seen their amazing girls clothing line and knew I’d love to get my hands on some of it!  The moment we opened the big box of clothing they sent for the shoot (made especially for my favorite model) the wheels started turning.  The bright colors and whimsical patterns along with the really gorgeous cuts and style made this one of our favorite photo shoots to date. We immediately planned an afternoon at the Boardwalk in Asbury Park, New Jersey to shoot the entire line.  When the day came, we couldn’t have picked better weather.

Attached HERE you will see the front and back covers of the final book.  I can’t show you all the pages in between…for that, you’ll just have to buy the book since it shows you step by step how to make each and every gorgeous outfit (and beach blanket, and pocketbook)….but trust me…its more of the loveliness you see here.  I can’t help but chuckle every time I read the EPIC interview there of our model!BoHo Beach 1BoHo Beach 2BoHo Beach 3

Special thanks to Jersey Girl, Jade Rae…my number one model and all around favorite person on Earth…for making the clothing and these images come to life.  Her talent and professionalism (read: cooperation!) was well worth the 2 lollipops, 1 cotton candy & an ice cream cone she required as payment!

Brooklyn BoHo Cover

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